Omicron-specific PCR Test

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GEN-VoXcreen qPCR
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Omicron-specific PCR Test

  1. Made in Germany
  2. 100 Reactions
  3. VoXcreen qPCR assays

Omicron Genome Map

  • Our Omicron-specific PCR test robustly targets distinct deletions in the genome of the the new Omicron Variant of Concern. It thereby efficiently singles out the omicron variant for determination.
  • The assay is available as single- or multiplex assay.

 Workflow for Omicron detection

SARS-CoV-2 qPCR Analyses
PCR Testing and VoC Indentification Procedure

A) VoC-Identification after screening PCR: positive samples need to be searched for in the freezer for secondary PCR or sequencing. Sample mixing possible. RNA may already be degraded due to more freeze-thaw cycles. Follow-up PCRs need time and sequester urgently needed PCR capacities.
B) GenXPro VoXcreen PCR identify VoCs during screening PCR to save time, resources and to free PCR capacities.

Omicron VoC
Delta VoC
Above: PCR results of VoXcreen assay from Omicron- and Delta VoCs

PCR Results of VoXcreen-DO assay from Omicron- and Delta VoCs
Above: Omicron genome of SARS-CoV-2 with accumulations of mutations in S-Gene.

Interpretation of Voc VoXxreen

Evaluation Scheme

Above: Evaluation scheme of our VoXcreen assay for simultaneous dual-target SARS-CoV2 identification and VoC-determination in a single assay.

  1. Our Omicron-specific assay is also available as single assay with fluorophores of your choice and as primer-probe mix.
  2. For all other SARS-CoV-2 related products including PCR- tests for specific mutations to determine the Lambda, Mu, C.1.2 as well as other VoCs and VoIs, please contact us.
  3. All assays are strictly for Research Use Only. Not for use in any diagnostic procedure - these assays are not FDA approved. Kits are for internal testing by qualified laboratories. CE certification process pending.
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