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In higher eukaryotes, many genes are transcribed into mRNA only in specialized cell types. For example, mRNAs that encode globin proteins are found only in erythrocyte precursor cells, called reticulocytes. Also, the mRNA encoding albumin, the main protein in serum, is produced only in liver cells where albumin is synthesized. Specific DNA sequences expressed as mRNA in a particular cell type can be cloned by synthesizing DNA copies of the mRNAs isolated from that cell type and then cloning the DNA copies into plasmid vectors.
cDNA clone: ​​"complementary DNA"; a DNA fragment copied from an mRNA. The term "clone" indicates that this cDNA has been spliced ​​into a plasmid or other vector to propagate it. A cDNA clone can contain DNA copies of typical mRNA regions such as the coding sequence, the 5 'untranslated region, the 3' untranslated region, or the poly (A) tail. No introns, no promoter sequences (or other 5 'or 3' flanking regions) will be present. A "full length" cDNA clone is one that contains the entire mRNA sequence from nucleotide # 1 to the poly (A) tail.