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To accelerate the pace of biomedical research, tens of thousands of expression clones and cDNAs have been assembled in collections that are readily available to the scientific community. Before you start building and characterizing a new clone, it's worth spending a few minutes on the computer to see if one already exists.

Find clones for a gene
When searching the NCBI gene database, look for "NIH cDNA clone" hypertext links, leading to one or more cDNA sequences. Similar links can be found in the Protein and UniGene entries.


In the full report for a gene, look in the "Links" section to the right for possible MGC clones.


Cloning sequence search
In addition to finding cDNA clone sequences by following the gene report links, you can directly search the nucleotide sequence database. When doing this, it is useful to include qualified "MGC" as a keyword to limit the results to clone sequences from the MGC collection. For convenience, clones from the ZGC and XGC collections also have "MGC" as a keyword. Try the following sample queries.