Enzyme Engineering

The growth of inexpensive DNA sequencing technology, the emergence of protein design algorithms,
and the ability to screen many variants has led to rapid advancement in the field of enzyme engineering.
Many large industrial, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies are investing in this field and are more often
than not turning to gene synthesis companies to fuel their research.

The two main methods that researchers use to select high-value targets are (1) directed evolution and (2) rational design. The Gen9 BioFab process provides our customers with solutions for both of these methods.

  • Our high diversity variant library product allows researchers to screen highly diverse gene libraries to find that needle in the haystack.
  • Small rationally designed libraries provide a means for focused, algorithm-based selection of functional enzymes and can be obtained as DNA variant libraries or as a custom gene synthesis product.

The award winning Gen9 BioFab allows customers to inexpensively test and refine millions of enzyme engineering designs to select high-value products.