VersaMAP Development System

VersaMAP Development System
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Multiplex Assay Principle
The VersaMAP™ Development System is a multiplex bead-based assay for the simultaneous detection of up to 10 analytes. The user selects any combination of analytes from R&D Systems VersaMAP listing. VersaMAP Development Systems include 2 x 96-well microplates, analyte-specific, antibody-coated beads and biotinylated detection antibodies. To increase usability and decrease experimental variability, beads and biotinylated detection antibodies are premixed in respective vials by R&D Systems.

Each available antibody pair has been selected for its ability to multiplex and has been titered for optimal signal-to-noise ratio. The diluent supplied is suitable for most cell culture supernate samples. Samples with complex matrices, such as serum and plasma, may need further optimization for use with the VersaMAP Development System.

Please use the VersaMAP Development System Configuration & Ordering Tool to select up to 10 analytes to multiplex.

User defines up to 10 analytes of interest
Simultaneous detection
Premixed microparticles and biotinylated detection antibodies
Requires small sample size (< 50 µL)
Mass-calibrated standards for consistent results with every new lot of material
Optimized antibody pairings and concentrations save lengthy development time
Development protocols provide directions for further optimization of non-validated sample types
3-5 day delivery
Kit Contents
Premixed antibody-coated bead cocktail
Premixed biotinylated detection antibody cocktail
Standard Cocktail(s)
Bead Diluent
Biotin Antibody Diluent
Standard/Sample Diluent
Wash Buffer
2 Filter-bottom 96-well Microplates
Foil Plate Sealers
Mixing Bottle
Each VersaMAP Development System contains sufficient reagents to run two 96-well plate assays when following the protocol supplied. Please refer to the specific Product Datasheet and Certificate of Analysis for details.