Our New Gen9 Online Ordering Portal

At Gen9, we feel that ordering custom genes should be easy, and we’re always looking for ways to enable you to explore more design space, test more hypotheses, and discover more breakthroughs. 

We’re excited to unveil our Gen9 Online Ordering Portal: a secure, streamlined way to engineer and optimize your DNA constructs and place your gene synthesis order. 


“Gen9 has already changed the game in gene synthesis with our high-throughput BioFab platform. With the launch of this portal, we’re reinventing the design and ordering process for DNA,” said Kevin Munnelly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gen9, Inc. “We are enabling our customers to explore more design space and to test more hypotheses, ultimately creating more value for organizations. We have dramatically streamlined DNA construct design and ordering through a unique, multi-parametric batch optimization tool. Now scientists can engineer synthetic genes and pathways faster than ever before.”

The portal is powered by Benchling, a leading developer of cloud-based tools for life science focused on enabling collaboration and helping researchers increase their productivity.

Features Include:

  • Simple, drag-and-drop sequence upload
  • Lightning fast sequence analysis
  • On-the-spot optimization tools
  • Easy batch processing of multiple sequences
  • Convenient data storage, order history, and shipment tracking