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The success of fat autotransplantation (AFT) depends on the optimization of four independent factors: 1- the graft material (the quality of the seeds to be planted); 2- the receiving site (the field in which the seeds are planted, its size and soil quality); 3- the grafting technique (the meticulous planting of microdroplets that avoids crowding); and 4- post-graft care (caring for early seedlings). Since breast augmentation and AFT reconstruction require mega volumes, it is the size of the recipient that becomes the limiting factor for the bottleneck rate. Our clinical data shows that field preparation with the Brava external expander allows successful augmentations in the 250 ml range and successful total mastectomy breast reconstruction with only 2-3 minimally invasive procedures. Breast augmentation and total mastectomy reconstruction with autologous fat is a procedure whose time has come.

Baker Gordon Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery.

. Keywords: cosmetics; Breast augmentation; Fat transfer;