Animal-Free™ Recombinant Proteins

Animal-Free™ Recombinant Proteins
To support developing research and bioproduction demands, we offer products manufactured in a laboratory exclusively dedicated to the production and purification of recombinant proteins using all non-animal reagents. Every stage of our established fermentation and protein purification methodologies has been specifically modified for the manufacture of animal-free products. Animal-free proteins are important for researchers concerned with experimental variables caused by trace animal components or mammalian pathogens and are particularly important for ex vivo cell therapy studies. Products that are generated under animal-free conditions share the same biological activity as those produced in a typical laboratory environment.

Animal Component-Free Process (ACFP) Recombinant Proteins
Additionally, we offer Animal Component-Free Process (ACFP) recombinant proteins expressed in an animal-free certified Sf 9 insect cell line using dedicated animal-free raw materials and labware. Production and purification of these ACFP proteins is performed outside of the dedicated animal-free laboratory. However, each stage of production and purification has been specifically modified for the manufacture of ACFP products.

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