Rewarding innovators and disruptors who can transform an industry using synthesized DNA constructs.

The inaugural G-Prize contest, conceived and exclusively sponsored by Gen9, was launched to foster creative and innovative approaches for using synthetic DNA libraries to advance research in the production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biofuels and food.
The winners of the 2012 G-Prize are:
  • 1st place (500 GeneBits, up to 500kb):
    Tanja Kortemme, University of California, San Francisco 
    Computer-Aided Design of Sensor/Actuators
  • 2nd place (300 GeneBits, up to 300kb):
    Sarel Fleishman, Weizmann Institute (Rehovot, Israel) 
    Computational Design of Novel Binding Antibodies: Designing High-Specificity and High-Affinity Insulin Binders
  • 3rd place (100 GeneBits, up to 100kb, two winners):
    Alfonso Jaramillo, Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology (Evry, France) 
    Combinatorial Synthesis of RNA Integrated Circuits to Program Living Cells

    Xavier Duportet, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & INRIA 
    Towards the Manipulation of Genomes On-Demand: High Throughput Discovery of New Recombination Sites
  • CEO’s Award (100 GeneBits, up to 100kb):
    Lynn Rothschild, NASA 
    DNA Toolkit for Space Exploration