Multiplex Assays/Arrays

Multiplex Assays/Arrays
Multiplex immunoassays are highly efficient tools for measuring the levels of multiple proteins in a single sample volume. R&D; Systems offers bead-based, antibody-spotted membrane-based, and antibody-spotted microplate-based arrays.

Bead-based Multiplex Kits for the Luminex® Platform
R&D; Systems Fluorokine® Multianalyte profiling (MAP) kits and the VersaMAP™ Development System are bead-based immunoassays for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in a single sample.

Which Bead-based Multiplex Kit is right for me?
View a table comparing the features and benefits of Fluorokine MAP and VersaMAP Kits.

Fluorokine MAP Multiplex Kits
To meet individual research needs, user-defined capture and detection reagents can be provided as premixed cocktails in complete custom-ordered kits, or purchased separately as Base Kits and Bead Sets.

Premix Fluorokine MAP Multiplex Kits
Complete kits include antibody-coated beads and biotinylated detection antibodies to measure popular analytes in a specific research area.

VersaMAP Development System
A multiplex development system for the measurement of up to 10 user-defined analytes. The VersaMAP Development System is validated for cell culture supernates but can be further optimized for complex matrices such as serum and plasma.

Membrane-based Multiplex Kits
R&D; Systems Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Arrays offer a convenient way to measure multiple proteins in a single sample. These arrays require no specialized equipment and eliminate the need for multiple immunoprecipitation/Western blot experiments.
Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays
Nitrocellulose membrane-based qualitative assay for measuring the relative levels of up to 119 analytes.

Microplate-based Multiplex Kits
R&D; Systems offers 96-well microplates spotted with up to 8 antibodies per well for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes. Our microplate-based multiplex kits employ microarray technology to provide an accurate, efficient, and economical alternative to conducting multiple traditional ELISA experiments.
Proteome Profiler 96 Antibody Arrays
Qualitative assays for measuring the relative phosphorylation of molecules involved in signal transduction.

Mosaic™ ELISAs

96-well microplate-based quantitative assays spotted with up to 8 capture antibodies per well.