Hrpos Heartland Us Restaurant

Heartland Restaurant's mobile responsive smartphone experience lets you manage all your restaurant operations in one place.

View beautiful, concise dashboards about your restaurants' daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

Create and manage your employees, menu items, room layouts and everything else you need to keep your restaurant up to date from your laptop or smartphone.

Whether you're at home, on vacation, or at your restaurant, our intuitive, mobile-responsive interface makes it easy to stay on top of your restaurant's activities anytime, anywhere.

Snapshot dashboard Important sales statistics at a glance

How are sales today? What does the employment rate look like? What are the sales figures per hour? How are we doing today compared to this day last week and this day last month? How are sales this week? How is this week going compared to last week? What are sales like this month? And this month compared to last month? And this month this year compared to this month last year?

These are just some of the Heartland Restaurant Dashboard Snapshot data analytics available to you and your management team anywhere, anytime, from any device.


Dashboard Daily Sales Chart 30 days sales analysis and drilldown

Heartland Restaurant Daily Sales Dashboard provides a graphical matrix spanning an entire month, with key performance indicators for each day side by side. Hover over stats for additional pop-up performance metrics.

With powerful analytics, you can choose to compile daily sales metrics with days from the previous week, month, or year to better measure your business performance and where your business is heading. Statistics include sales, ticket averages, number of tickets and number of guests.

Scroll down and click on any day to further zoom in on other metrics, such as item sales, discounts, etc.

HRPOS has a Bi-Directional Application Programming Interface (API) designed to provide third-party integrators direct access to the data to improve operations.

Third-party integrations provide operators with additional functionality needed outside of the core POS system, including:

  • Accounting and Business Reporting
  • Inventory, food costs and order management
  • Labor planning and sales forecasting
  • Salary
  • Branded Apps & Loyalty Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Delivery services integration
  • Hotel PMS Interface
  • Digital menu boards
  • Draft Beer Flow Metering System
  • Tips and gratuities management
  • DVR/NVR Video Surveillance