Monoclonal Anti-Zika Virus Envelope | Gentaur

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100 µL
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Monoclonal Anti-Zika Virus Envelope | 15-ZENV13-M

Species Reactivity Virus

Host/Isotype Rabbit / IgG

Class Recombinant Monoclonal

Type Antibody

Clone 101

Immunogen Recombinant Zika virus (strain Zika SPH2015) E/Envelope protein (Domain III) Protein

Conjugate Unconjugated

Form Liquid

Concentration 1 mg/mL

Purification Protein A

Storage buffer PBS

Contains no preservative

Storage conditions Store at 4°C short term. For long term storage, store at -20°C, avoiding freeze/thaw cycles.

RRID AB_2866650

Target Information

As a member of the Flaviviridae family, ZIKV has a single positive sense RNA genome, which is initially translated as a single polyprotein which is then cleaved post-transitionally into three structural proteins (C, PrM or M, and E) and seven nonstructural (NS) proteins (NS1, NS2A, NS2B, NS3, NS4A, NS4B and NS5)(1). The glycosated NS1 forms a homodimer inside the cells and is necessary for viral replication and late in infection (2).

NS1 is also secreted into the extracellular space as a hexameric lipoprotein particle, which assists the virus in immune evasion and pathogenesis by interacting with components from both innate and adaptive immune systems as well as other host factors (1). Reference 1) Song, H.; Qi, J.; Haywood, J.; Shi, Y.; Gao, G.F. (2016).

Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 23, 456-458. 2) Suthar, M.S., Diamond, M.S. and Gale, M. Jr. (2013). Nat. Rev. Microbiol. 11, 115-128.

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